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There’s a few things you should know before you check out our stories.

Scoop Alley isn’t a proper grown up responsible news site like the Sun or the Mail. We dabble in satire… but of course you knew that as soon as we mentioned the words responsible and the Sun in the same sentence.

Everything on our site is completely made up purely for entertainment purposes. Any connection between our articles and real life is purely in your imagination.

We don’t check our facts because we don’t bother with facts… they tend to spoil the story. In the unlikely event that you see one on our site, please alert us and we’ll have it removed immediately.

We should also point out that we have no political allegiance. If we poke fun at the Tories, it’s not because we support Labour… and vice versa. Honest, we can’t stress that enough. The same goes for all parties, groups, organisations, minorities… whatever. We’ll take the piss out of them all eventually.

So in summary, none of what you read here is true…even though you might wish some of it could be.

Great. Glad we got that sorted.

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