Andy Gray: Ecclestone’s women driver comments ‘straight out of the top drawer’


Football pundit Andy Gray has leapt to the defence of Bernie Ecclestone after the Formula One boss’ comments about women drivers.

Ecclestone has said that women couldn’t be taken seriously as Formula One drivers and the former Sky Sports chief pundit agrees.

Gray said: “Bernie Ecclestone, take a bow. He might have found himself in a hostile environment but he has picked up on a point, ran with it and smashed it home. His comments are straight out of the top drawer.”

Ecclestone had backed his comments up with the suggestion that women didn’t possess the necessary strength to handle an F1 machine.

However, Gray went one better and said that a woman would not be able to even understand such a complicated sport.

Gray told Scoop Alley: “If a woman shouldn’t be an assistant referee, then she certainly shouldn’t be driving a Formula One car – or any car for that matter.

“Women are good for getting their tits out for the lads and not answering back. Tell me how does that qualify them to take part in a high speed race?”

Gray paused to shush a female reporter who had a question before continuing: “Drivers have to go round and round a track and head to the pit stop when another member of the team tells them to. How can a woman’s brain process that when she is thinking about make-up and shoes?”

Gray’s friend and fellow man Richard Keys agreed but had a warning for the Scotsman.

Speaking from under his tin foil hat the sleazy presenter said: “Of course what Andy and Bernie are saying is absolutely right and it’s just what everyone is thinking.

“However, there will be hell to pay from the feminazis, led by ‘the charming’ Karren Brady. There is a conspiracy out there to make women feel comfortable in their work environment and I don’t know where it’s going to end.”

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