Angela Eagle: Ban Tories from the ballot paper unless they have approval of Labour MPs


The Conservative party might not be allowed on the ballot paper at the next general election unless they gain support from a significant number of Labour MPs, if Angela Eagle has her way.

The Labour leadership challenger – who tried and failed with the same tactics against Jeremy Corbyn – made it clear that she is up for a fight but only on her terms. That means looking for frivolous reasons to ban any competition likely to beat her.

She has instructed her lawyers to find a loophole that would mean that the current elected government would not be automatically allowed on the ballot paper in any future general election unless they could find the approval of at least 20% of Labour MPs.

Mrs Eagle insists that it isn’t that she is scared of a more popular opponent, rather that democracy doesn’t work when she doesn’t get what she wants.

She told Scoop Alley: “How I am supposed to become Prime Minister when I am not even the most popular politician in my own party?

“Even if I beat Mr Corbyn I will then be up against the Tory party who have the entire right-wing media behind them. It would be so much fairer if they just weren’t allowed to go up against me.

“All I hear about is elections, votes and democracy. The Tories had a mandate, Jeremy Corbyn’s got a mandate. Well where’s my fucking mandate!”

However, if Mrs Eagle loses the Labour leadership race she is likely to instruct her lawyers to shred any documents containing any loopholes that could remove the Tories from the ballot paper. Nothing is more terrifying to her than a Corbyn led Labour party forming a government that puts people ahead of corporations.

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