Arsenal board considering bid for Kop fans


Arsenal will make a dramatic swoop for Liverpool’s passionate fans this summer, believing they could be the missing piece of the puzzle for Arsene Wenger’s trophy-shy team.

The Liverpool fans are famously passionate and have helped their team over the line in numerous classic encounters over the years.

The Arsenal board have monitored the situation closely and concluded that the reason their side can’t ever win a significant trophy is because the nervousness of the fans transmits itself on to the pitch.

Gunners manager Arsene Wenger has backed his board’s decision. The Frenchman said: “I, the players, and the board are sick of our fans letting us down time after time. Each season we start with an optimism that they might stay behind us, but then after a few bad results it’s the ‘same old Arsenal fans’.

“People talk about the Kop being Liverpool’s twelfth man, well the Emirates is more like our tenth.

“We think that no fan is bigger than the club, and if they don’t want to be here then so be it, there are plenty of football supporters out there that would be honoured to be at a club like Arsenal.”

The details of the unprecedented transfer attempt are not yet finalised, but sources inside Arsenal suggest they will offer £40m+1 to Liverpool for all of their supporters to become Arsenal fans instead.

Liverpool fans are said to be cool on the idea with a spokesman saying: “The wages better be good, otherwise Wenger will be walking alone.”

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