Attacking Hillary Clinton is the answer to all the world’s problem, says Dictator Trump


American Dictator candidate Donald Trump has confirmed that attacking Hillary Clinton is the best way to solve all the world’s problems ranging from law and order to climate change…although that’s not really a problem as global warming is just a myth made up by the Chinese to cheat the US people in some vague, unspecified way that no one can understand.

Trump used his Republican candidate acceptance speech to outline his vision of how he will make America Great Again. It basically boils down to blaming “crooked Hillary” at every opportunity and saying “Make America Great Again” a lot…oh and build a wall to keep out the Mexicans.

When asked why his 75-minute speech contained no actual polices, Trump snarled: “Donald J Trump doesn’t need policies because the solution is staring us in the face. Get rid of crooked Hillary and we get rid of the problem. Let’s Make America Great Again.”

The brilliance on these solutions delighted Trump supporters who cheered every word, stutter and fart coming out of the great man.

One supporter said: “I‘m a poor unemployed guy so I can easily relate to a privileged billionaire who exported my job to the Far East so he can make more money for himself. That’s the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we need to revitalise the American dream. To hell with Hillary. Let’s make America Great Again.”

Another supporter said she was angry when the coffee machine didn’t work that morning and she thought she lost her money. “Thankfully, as soon as I cursed Hillary Clinton that coffee started pouring…what more proof do you need? Let’s get rid of crooked Hillary and make America Great Again.”

The cheers for Trump were disturbed only by the slow, faint sobbing of the rest of the world lamenting the loss of truth, decency and reason.

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