Brexit hope to pick up tips on exploiting workers from Sports Direct


Leading Brexit campaigners hope to pick up some useful tips on exploiting workers when Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley gets a grilling from MPs this week.

The businessman and owner of Newcastle United Football Club has received widespread criticism over the pay and conditions offered to employees at his company headquarters.

Now he’s been summoned to give evidence before a business watchdog committee of MPs investigating “serious allegations of exploitative employment practice”.

This immediately grabbed the attention of Brexit campaigners. Iain Duncan Smith said: “If these stories are true about Ashley paying below the minimum wage and making workers frightened to take days off when they’re sick then he sounds like our kind of man.

“Once the country’s borders are closed for good, more wealthy businessmen can set up workhouses to increase the gap between rich and poor without any ridiculous EU workers’ rights laws getting in the way.

“Mr Ashley sounds like a hero and we want to meet him.”

In the past, Ashley has also allowed Wonga to become the main sponsors of the proud working class club, Newcastle, in a show of solidarity with businesses that exploit the desperate.

Politicians are also impressed by the way Ashley has managed to stay sweet with most of the general public by handing out free giant mugs to anyone who buys a pair of his cheap Lonsdale trainers.

However, Brexit may be left disappointed, as Ashley claims to have increased pay rates and improved conditions for his workers following the widespread criticism.

Brexit said: “If Mr Ashley has been forced to backtrack then it just shows what’s wrong with this country. The sooner we leave the EU and get set our businessmen free the better.

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