Couple complain to broadband provider after cute video of baby doesn’t go viral


A couple have threatened their broadband provider with legal action after a cute video of their baby failed to go viral on social media.

The video featured the couple’s six-month old daughter joyfully giggling at a balloon, but failed to reach even 40 likes on Facebook.

Mr Walker, the baby’s father, said: “This is ridiculous. Little Jessie is absolutely gorgeous and her cute little laugh has viral video written all over it.

He added: “There is clearly an issue with our broadband provider’s distribution of the video. They must not be giving it enough megabytes or streaming or whatever it is.

“There is no way that this has been ignored by all our friends, family, colleagues and the Facebook friends we don’t actually know in person.

“Everyone is always interested in how little Jessie is getting on and what she’s been up to.

“The video should have reached at least a million views by now. We posted it two nights ago for God’s sake!”

Mr Walker said he will be contacting a solicitor to see if the family have a case for discrimination by their broadband providers.

Meanwhile, Jesse is being recorded round the clock as she sits in her playpen accompanied by a kitten, whoopee cushion, roller skates and karaoke machine.

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