Cutbacks lead to police officers barking like dogs while chasing criminals


A police officer who caught a suspect he was chasing by barking like a dog has highlighted the problems caused by budget cuts over the last 10 years.

Pc Steve Hutton lost sight of the man after he ran on to waste ground. He needed a dog to sniff out the hiding place but there wasn’t one available.

Steve improvised by barking loudly and frightened the suspect to give himself up.

A Police Federation spokesman praised Steve’s initiative but said the incident demonstrated the dire state of the force in the UK.

“Cutbacks have devastated us over the last few years and officers are left to pick up the pieces.

“Not only do we have to bark like dogs, we have to shout ‘bang, bang’ because we can’t afford real guns and lean out of car windows wailing like a siren.

“There are even examples of officers having to communicate using string and two tin cans because we don’t have enough phones. We can’t go on like this.”

Retired police dog, Sinbad, pictured above, was made redundant last year. He said: “It’s all very well police officers doing their own barking but you can’t beat the real thing. Only a real dog can scare the shit out criminals and then piss all over them.”

Meanwhile, the government have been so impressed by Steve’s work that they’re looking for ways to cut costs in other public services.

The NHS is urging patients suffering concussions to get their mums kiss it better to ease the pressures on staff in A&E, and schoolchildren are being encouraged to learn from Wikipedia to make up for the lack of teachers.

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