Ed Sheeran’s girlfriend insists he removes ‘get out clause’ in their relationship


Ed Sheeran’s girlfriend has complained that he has commitment issues and insisted that he gives her more reassurance about their future.

It’s understood that she became worried after listening to Sheeran’s massive hit, Thinking Out Loud.

She said: “It clearly states that he only commits to loving me until he’s 70.

“So, what happens after he’s 70? Will he dump me and run off with a younger woman?

“It sounds like a get out clause…in every other love song ever written the man promises to love the girl forever.

“It’s all very well for Ed to say people fall in love in mysterious ways and that he’ll still love me when my legs don’t work anymore…charming…but that’s not likely to happen until after we’re 70, by which he could have left me so it’s not much of a commitment is it?

“Remember, Ed thinks people can fall I love just with the touch of a hand! I’m not sure he knows what he’s talking about!

It’s understood that Sheeran is bemused by the outburst and told friends the song was just a collection of random thoughts strung together during the ad break in Game of Thrones. He never thought anyone could find meaning in it!

He’s been advised by his lawyers stop thinking out loud when his girlfriend is with him!

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