Extreme parenting the latest trend to toughen up mollycoddled kids


Extreme parenting is the latest trend to hit the 21st century with mums and dads literally throwing their tots at the mercy of wild animals.

In the past week a four-year-old was allowed to fall into a gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati zoo, and a seven-year-old was left in bear-infested woods by extreme parents in Japan.

Experts have suggested the moves were possibly inspired by the incredible new CGI remake of Rudyard Kipling’s classic The Jungle Book.

The news has left parents around the world wondering if they are being too soft with their own children.

Melissa Oaking of Derbyshire mum to two boys Harry, 9, and Jack, 3. She told us: “I used to punish them by taking their iPads off them and sending them to bed early.

“I’ve changed all that now though after seeing what’s been happening. Last night Harry was driven six miles into the Lake District and told that the front door will be locked at 10, so he better get home by then if he wants his bed for the night. That’ll teach him not to make fart noises at the dinner table.

“We’re going easier on Jack cos he’s still so little. He got left in the rhino plains at the safari park after dropping his ice-cream all over the backseats of the Astra.”

Other parents have had their children swimming with sharks, dodging cars on the motorway and denying hot food to Jeremy Clarkson.

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