Farage wants to be Trump’s EU ambassador so he can really screw things up


Nigel ‘Mr Brexit’ Farage wants to be America’s Ambassador to the European Union if Donald Trump becomes president.

He believes it would enable him to complete the work he began with Brexit and really screw things up once and for all. Farage famously appeared at a Trump election rally to offer his support.

A spokesman for Farage said: “Trump took a lot of inspiration from the Brexit campaign because it proved that if you lie big enough and often enough you can make people believe any old rubbish.”

Farage is not known for his diplomatic skills so the idea of him being an ambassador may beggar belief but he has been quick to pour oil on troubled water when it suits him. He laughed off Trump’s boasts about sexually assaulting women as just locker room banter from an alpha male silverback… a move that helped him curry favour with Trump but outraged silverbacks across the world.

Farage’s hatred of the EU hasn’t stopped him taking his salary as an MEP and it’s thought this high level of hypocrisy has also endeared him to Trump.

A spokesman said: “Nigel enjoyed sneering at the EU parliament after Brexit… telling MEPs that they’d never done a day’s work in their lives and taunting that they weren’t laughing at him now because he’d persuaded the British people to vote leave.

“However, he’s worried because the EU is still in place and there’s always a chance that Britain may rejoin if Brexit turns to shit.”

“Nigel thinks that with Trump’s help, he could destroy the EU completely and remove it as a threat forever. They could undermine it, spread dissension and lies… and if that didn’t work then Donald could always build a wall around Brussels and get the EU to pay for it.”

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