Father disgusted with son’s choice of motorway for long journey


A father was both disgusted and amused by his son’s choice of motorway route for a long car journey.

Jerry Caulfield labelled his son “brainless” after hearing he had taken the M11 route from Peterborough to London instead of the A1 M25.

Mr Caulfield laughed: “He deserved to hit traffic – the soft shite.”

The incident occurred after Paul Caulfield, 24, and his girlfriend Gemma travelled from their home in Peterborough to Heathrow to catch a morning flight to Greece.

The couple had a wonderfully romantic holiday together and on their return they visited Paul’s parents to tell them about it.

When Paul’s father Jerry heard the route they had taken he burst out laughing and unleashed a volley of abuse at his son for his “stupidity”.

Upon hearing that they had been stuck in traffic for nearly two hours on the outskirts of London, Mr Caulfield had to leave the room.

The father and son then enjoyed an afternoon together in their local pub where Mr Caulfield repeatedly informed his friends what a “brainless t*t” his boy had been.

The relationship was strained further when Paul allowed an elderly couple to be served before him despite having caught the barman’s eye first.


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