Guide to blowing your wages in a single weekend


Most of the nation have just been paid and Brits up and down the country are planning on how they will blow their wages this weekend to leave themselves skint for the next three weeks.

Different groups prefer to blow their wages on varying activities, but all share the same goal of having such a great time that they will have to live in would-be-poverty until they get paid again.

If you are not sure how to blow your wages in just one weekend, then take a look at some of the most popular methods used by Brits and see if any seem right for you.


Many young people enjoy blowing their wages on a drink and drug fuelled Friday night out. They dance, they sweat, all with goal of attracting a mate for the night. However, the majority are unsuccessful and instead treat themselves to a 2am bucket of fried chicken that can be vomited back up at their convenience. Photos are taken throughout the evening that can be posted online with hashtags including epic night and legend.


For those who feel their clubbing days are behind them, but still enjoy a drink or two then a whole Saturday in the pub may is a more suitable way to blow their wages. Experts make it a priority to get into the pub as early as possible in order to secure a good seat. Careful consideration goes into selecting a seat for the day, with the prime locations typically being directly in front of the largest television in the pub, and of equal distance from the bar, toilets and smoking area. Once the seat has been claimed, drinkers are fiercely territorial and any inquiries about ‘if this chair is taken?’ are met with unnecessary aggression. The drinkers are then free to sit in one place for the entire day supping beer, eating crisps, watching sport and talking shit.


If drinking is not your thing then there are several other ways to blow your wages in one weekend. Other popular methods include sitting in a bookies feeding money into the gaming machines. The key here is to just keep playing no matter what the result of the game. There may be occasions when you win and actually have more money than you came in with, but provided you persist, you should be able to successfully blow your wages in just a couple of hours.


Drinking and gambling may be considered foolish ways to blow your wages, but fear not, there are several other more ‘sensible’ ways to overspend your cash. Online shopping is a great way to blow your wages in a short space of time. Treat yourself to that overpriced but stylish piece of furniture you have been admiring online, or maybe an item of clothing or accessory that you know is ridiculously expensive, but that’s why you want it. The first weekend of the month is the perfect time to make these reckless and unnecessary purchases.

Whichever activity you choose, have a great time and remember, it is always recommended to have your bank card with you because you will almost certainly end up needing more money than you had anticipated.

Embrace #blowyourwagesthisweekend


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