Heroic wasp is nominated for Pride of Britain award


A wasp has emerged as a surprise nominee for this year’s Pride of Britain awards after it helped calm down an angry swarm that was provoked by some unruly children.

The wasps were unwinding in their home ahead of an afternoon of flying around public bins when they came under attack from the kids.

Wasp Peter Evans, who was involved in the fracas, told Scoop Alley: “The little bastards came hurtling into our hedge over and over again with no regard for anyone but themselves.

“We were terrified as our home was being shaken to its foundation. A group of us got tooled up and went to sort them out.”

However, things went from bad to worse as more people got involved.

Evans continued: “When the parents came over we were hopeful they would do the right thing and punish the children but instead they started to attack us.

“They were swinging around like maniacs and even killed some of my friends.

In the heat of all this terror, one wasp showed both incredible restraint and leadership qualities as it was able to convince the rest of its swarm to lay off the dreadful children and their sadistic parents.

Evans continued: “He helped us realise that if we attack the humans with our stingers they will come back with poisonous gas and kill us. It’s not worth it. He helped save thousands of lives.”

Little is known about the heroic wasp as it is too modest to take any acclaim. However, a petition has taken off on change.org to find the little fella so it can be given the recognition it deserves – and maybe even get to meet Ant and Dec.

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