Holidaymakers excited about visiting attractions that would bore them at home.


Millions of holidaymakers are bracing themselves for visits to tourist attractions they couldn’t care less about and would ignore if they were located in their home towns.

Some of the worst let downs include ruined buildings, historic churches and art galleries.

Ben Collins says his idea of a good holiday is letting his hair down with a drink or two, but feels he can’t spend all his time in a bar or on a beach and so he likes to get in a bit of token gesture culture. “It’s always a massibe letdown. I still can’t still believe what I saw as one of the top attractions in Prague.

“They’ve got this old clock and every hour some tiny mechanical men come out and walk around for a few seconds before disappearing again. I was bored instantly but there were crowds fighting for the best spot to get video…I bet they’ll be popular when they show that boring crap to neighbours when they get home.”

Jimmy Tailor took went on a stag weekend to Rome but he and his mates very disappointed with the Forum. “The tour guide said it was the cradle of democracy and all sorts but all I saw were some crumbling old ruins…it reminded me of back home in Rochdale…you’d think they’d look after it better it that’s big a deal. We couldn’t wait to get back to the pub.”

James and Sue Roberts took their two teenage sons to see the Bayeux tapestry but to instil some culture but it was disaster. Jill said: “They walked through in 30 seconds and started playing on their phones…then the batteries ran out so they were bored and started squabbling. We had planned to visit the local Norman church but went back to the hotel to charge their phone batteries instead.”

Despite the let downs, hope springs eternal and millions of holidaymakers are now getting excited about visiting the same kind of attractions that they found so disappointing last year.

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