Is everything alright with Dad? He didn’t tell his story…


    A family have become increasingly concerned about their father after he failed to tell his classic anecdote at a recent gathering.

    Colin Thompson is 67-years-old. He has a hilarious tale dating back to the early 1980s when he was on a safari trip in the south of France. The details vary each occasion he tells it, but the key element is that an ostrich knocked his ice cream out of his hand.

    However, the Thompson family have become alarmed about their father after he failed to tell this story at a recent family gathering.

    Colin’s eldest son Mark, 37, spoke to us: “Dad has this story about the ostrich and the ice-cream which he tells all the time. Sometimes, the ostrich chased him, sometimes he fought with it, and sometimes there was a whole gang of ostriches.

    “The point is that Dad always thinks he’s telling it for the first time at every party, gathering, lunch… whatever. And he really thinks he’s never told it to us before.”

    The Thompsons have now become concerned after Colin enjoyed a recent family celebration without once bringing up his famous tale.

    Instead of being pleased they weren’t forced to smile politely and listen to the same old tale again, the Thompson children, all now in their thirties, have been googling the first signs of Alzheimer’s and discussing the potential split in care home costs.

    We asked Colin why he didn’t tell his ostrich story to which he replied: “I’m not totally senile yet thank you. I told it at Donna’s birthday, they’ve all heard it before, but you haven’t have you? Sit down son this is a cracker…”

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