Leave voters proudly maintain their state of denial over surge in hate crimes


Leave voters are continuing their position of wilful denials after hate crimes saw an inevitable upsurge over the weekend.

Following a weekend of spectacular backpedalling from the Leave leaders their supporters are running low on credible arguments. However, rather than accept they may have been wrong, many have resorted to posting a meme of a Remain voter going cold turkey after not calling someone racist for three minutes.

Last week’s shock referendum result was undoubtedly a glorious victory for the I’m-not-racist-buts. They spent the following few days in a giddy glee simultaneously celebrating the democratic process while also desperately trying to shut down any further discussion by posting Facebook statuses demanding Remain voters let it go.

They have also struggled between the opposing positions of indulging in mocking and taunting Remain voters while also patronisingly demanding that the Remain side immediately stop feeling devastated and join forces with them to make the best of it.

One obvious way to make the best of things would be to make a priority of tackling the surge in hate crimes that has come as a result of racists feeling empowered by the Leave vote.

However, Leave voters who have had plenty to say over the weekend have gone very quiet on the matter – apart from reposting the cold turkey meme of course.

Steven Robbins told Scoop Alley: “There is no evidence that this is related to the referendum. Therefore it can’t be.

“This is just another example of project fear. And I won’t fall for it. Rule Britannia.”

He was so angry that he posted the meme of the lad going cold turkey in the comments sections of 14 different articles.

Asked about the profound effect hate mail, verbal abuse, vile graffiti and even physical intimidation and attacks could have on foreign nationals and ethnic minorities, Ryan Fisher said: “Just stop moaning. There were always going to be some bumps in the road.

“We took our country back. It’s not me doing anything wrong so I have no responsibility for what is happening or obligation to help to put a stop to it.”

When asked how this attitude dovetailed with a Facebook post in which he said remain voters need to pick their dummies up and all work together to build a better country for our children he stammered for a few seconds and walked away.

He later reposted the meme of the cold turkey lad which received some likes from his friends.

Rachel Powell who on Friday had posted on Facebook: “I can’t believe how much hate towards our own people!! Leave won! This is what a referendum vote is all about!!! I’m fuming about the nasty hatred coming from people I thought were ‘friends’.”

She was then asked if it was really worse than the hate that Muslim and Polish people had endured over the weekend and replied: “Look I think we’re all just pleased that the football is back on. And sad that England have gone out. People are more interested in talking about that to be honest.”

She then pulled out her smartphone to complain that she had been called a racist and to post a meme of the lad going cold turkey, which made her feel vindicated.

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