Lionel Messi considers transfer to Panama club to get better tax deal


Rumours of Lionel Messi’s Barcelona exit fail to go away and there is a surprise new front runner in the race for his signature.

The World footballer of the year is said to be considering a move to Mossack Fonseca FC in Panama to get a better tax deal on his overblown earnings.

The diminutive superstar says there’s no point in earning obscene amounts of money if the taxman takes most of it.

“It’s not fair. Spanish hatchet men try to cripple me on the pitch and then the Spanish government tries to cripple me off it. Everyone wants a piece of Lionel.”

Mossack is best known as the law firm exposed in the Panama Papers for having helped thousands of filthy rich people avoid tax. David Cameron’s father used it help finance his son’s progress through Eton and Cambridge, enabling him to rise to a lofty position he couldn’t have dreamed of if he had just gone to a bog standard comp.

Mossack doesn’t have a professional team but a few of the lads who work there meet up for a five a side kickabout on a Monday night. Messi believes that with his prodigious skills he could turn them into world beaters to challenge his current employers Barcelona.

“I’m bored with Barcelona and their tippy tappy football. I want to go back to grass roots. Monseca is rich and could be pay me shedloads, then after the match, my team mates could do my tax return.

“That way they get to play more football and I get to pay less tax. See, everyone’s a winner.”

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