Maid of Honour develops irrational hatred of Best Man


A Maid of Honour has grown increasingly bitter and twisted towards the Best Man because she has to do sh*tloads of work while he just gets p*ssed with the groom.

Jessica Wallace was delighted when her best friend Melanie asked her be her Maid of Honour.

However, she soon realised that it was not the glamourous post she had imagined.

She said: “My home is now apparently the meeting point for all matters regarding the wedding. I’ve got Mel and her mum popping round every five minutes dropping sh*tloads of magazines on me about flower arrangements and bridesmaids dresses.

“They sit in my house, drink my wine, bitch about my friends then f*ck off and expect me to do all the fittings and arrange the deliveries myself. I have got a job and two kids to look after you know!”

The Maid of Honour and Best Man meet up with the happy couple once a month so that all can be updated on the progress of the planning.

Unfortunately, Jessica has developed an irrational hatred of Lee and all he says and does.

She told us: “That pr*ck is always smiling and laughing, like he’s not got a care in the world. The lads have just spent the weekend paintballing and they’re deciding whether to have the stag in Las Vegas or Ibiza.

“Meanwhile, I’ve got four bridesmaids stood on my coffee table with their arses out while I try to wrap a tape measure round their t*ts, and the bride phoning me up drunk morning and night in tears asking if she’s doing the right thing!”


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