Man becomes unbearably smug after mowing lawn before it started raining


A man has begun to behave in an unbearably smug manner after it starting to rain just minutes after he had mowed his lawn.

Derek O’Halloran, of Birmingham, spent most of Monday morning irritating his less-organised colleagues by repeatedly informing them that he had “thought it might rain” on Sunday.

Mr O’Halloran said: “I woke up on Sunday and thought it looked a bit grey. I decided to get the lawn done and literally moments after I had put the mower away it began spitting.

“That quickly turned into a full-on downpour so I made myself a cuppa and stood and watched the rain through the window.

“I’m really pleased I did the lawn when I did, because if you try to do it wet, then it cuts the grass up. I wouldn’t have had another chance until next weekend and by then the grass could have been dangerously out of control. It’s best to keep on top of these things then they never become a big job.

“I was telling Kevin in accounts about it but he had to stop me to make some important calls. So I went down to reception and told Vic the security guard.”

Mr O’Halloran has also developed an inexplicable strut and an unbearably patronising tone.

One of his colleagues, who didn’t want to be named, said: “So he mowed his lawn? So what? He’s wandering round like he’s won the lottery or something. He’s started to walk funny and keeps trying to high-five everybody.”

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