Man leaves it too late to ask for fiver back from co-worker


A man has resigned himself to the fact that his colleague has forgotten he owes him a fiver and is now unsure how to broach the subject.

The unfortunate series of events began on Thursday. Daniel McKenzie lent his colleague Ricky £5 for his lunch after he had left his wallet at home.

Ricky appeared to be grateful enjoyed a delicious Zinger Burger. He promised to repay the money the following day.

However, Ricky had to go and meet a client on Friday and then the bank holiday Monday meant that the two men were not in work again until Tuesday.

When they did meet, a full five days after the loan, Ricky behaved normally and made no mention of the borrowed fiver.

Daniel considered asking for the £5 back, but was not sure if he had left it too late.

He explained: “I don’t want to look like a bean counter. I’m sure he’s just forgotten. He’s as honest as they come is good old Ricky.”

He added “it’s only a fiver anyway. Who cares?” before laughing unconvincingly and mumbling something about a “thieving f***er”.

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