Man takes selfie with tiger as it bites off his head


A man is celebrating after taking a fantastic picture of himself with a tiger just as it bit off his head.

Jonathan Mercer, who’d received complaints from his friends after bombarding them on Facebook with endless boring selfies, decided to liven things up by going dangerous for a change.

“Extreme selfies are definitely the way to go,” said Jonathan, speaking from his hospital bed where he’s recovering surprisingly well for a man who had just had his head sewn back on in a 10-hour operation involving the world’s best surgeons at great cost to the health service.

“They weren’t able to connect all my brain up properly but that doesn’t matter because I rarely use it anyway,” Jonathan explained as he took another selfie of himself pulling out the drip that was keeping him alive.

This resulted in him getting another dramatic picture as three nurses collided and injured themselves as they rushed to reconnect it to save his life.

“I know some people have criticised me but I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to get the best selfies. The one of the tiger biting my head off got 11 likes, 2 comments and 3 shares so it was well worth it.”

Meanwhile, doctors are taking legal advice to see if anyone would mind particularly if they stopped keeping him alive. So far, they haven’t received any objections.


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