Manuel Pellegrini warning to Stone Roses about new song


Manuel Pellegrini has issued a stark warning to legendary Manchester band the Stone Roses ahead of their sell-out shows at the Etihad.

When Ian Brown and co unveiled All For One – their first new song in two decades – last month and it lived up to the hype about as well as City’s £44m signing Raheem Sterling.

Pellegrini warned the Manchester stars just how lonely a place the fickle Etihad Stadium can be.

Scoop Alley caught up with the Chilean as he emerged from a rehearsal room after a jamming session with the band.

He told us: “I’ve just been playing the guitarrón chileno with the Roses – I can die happy now!

“It’s great that Manchester was able to provide one last amazing dream, especially after how City’s spoilt fans treated me on my last day. I’m proper buzzin’ man.”

He also revealed he that he had told the lads his own cautionary tale.

He said: “I told them if they wanna be adored then start with Beautiful Thing by all means – it’s mint – but whatever they do, they must not to play All For One. It’s shit. It sounds like they have stolen it from a Stone Roses tribute band who tried to write their own song.

“No matter how much excitement and joy they bring the Etihad crowd, especially with their early work, I am living proof that the second your standards slip there will be a stampede for the exit door.”

However, social media comments at the time of the release suggested that the band have enough diehard fans who will faithfully declare their love for absolutely anything the band churn out.

Brown said: “If those fans all join hands and form a wall they can trap in the fickle Etihad crowd and we’ll play the Second Coming in its entirety as a punishment.”

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