McDonalds and Nike battle for exclusivity of ‘it’


Two of the world’s biggest companies will clash in court next week as McDonalds and Nike battle it out for exclusive rights to the word ‘it’.

Both companies have used ‘it’ as part of their slogans for more than a decade – I’m lovin’ it’ and ‘Just do it’ – but the uneasy truce and mutual acceptance has come to an end.

Neither company has ever specified exactly what ‘it’ is.

Now, two of the most famous brands in the world are squaring up for a titanic battle, which could set a whole new precedent in marketing slogans.

If one is granted exclusivity of it, then the other will be forced to reveal what the ‘it’ they have been talking about all these years actually is.

Rumours have already began circling that the ‘it’ that McDonalds have been lovin’ is the impressionable youth of the world who can be easily manipulated into relentlessly pestering their parents to take them for a Happy Meal every time they get into a car.

Others believe it refers to students on their way home after a heavy night out who gobble down a BigMac but heave it back up again halfway down the street.

Equally, online commentators are speculating that Nike’s it, that we have been ordered to ‘just do’, could refer to making cruel and hurtful comments to uncool schoolchildren who pull Hi-Tech trainers out of their PE bag.

It will soon be revealed.

The case could also lead to every company in the IT industry being forced to consider a rebrand.

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