Men hoping girlfriends won’t ask them questions during Euro matches


Modern men across the country are secretly suppressing their inner-chauvinist and hoping their wives and girlfriends won’t bother them with questions and conversation during the Euro football matches.

Many men are reluctant to say anything for fear of being considered chauvinist dinosaurs, but are desperate to be allowed to watch the games in peace.

England fan Steve Butler summed up the dilemma. “My wife feels a bit left out when there’s a big tournament on. During the last world cup she thought she could bond with me by showing an interest in the game.

“She drove me crazy asking questions all the time about who is the underdog and which players play in the Premier League. Sometimes she forgot herself and started telling me completely irrelevant things like how she felt insecure about our relationship or problems she was having at work.

“All that in the middle the match…I don’t know how I managed to keep my temper.

“I told her I couldn’t hear the commentary but she asked why I need to listen to the TV when I can see what’s happening. Please if someone has the correct answer to that let me know, for the sake of my marriage!”

Ireland fan Pete Sullivan echoed those sentiments. “At half time during the Spain game in the last Euros, my wife actually suggested we should switch channels to something we could both enjoy.

“Mind you, Ireland got slaughtered so she may have had a point.”

Wales fan Dave Jenkins says he had no intentions of letting his girlfriend get in the way of watching matches.

He said: “A little piece of me died inside when she was trying to get talk to me about a Game of Thrones themed holiday while the football was on.

“Not this time though, Wales don’t qualify very often so I want to watch without any interruption. I mean, I love my girlfriend dearly but Gareth Bale in full flight is a thing of beauty beyond compare.”

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