Smug mother of child genius spends day in school hall patronising other parents


The mother of an extremely bright and mature teenager has taken today off work so that she can wander around the school hall and feel superior to parents of other less organised students.

Rosemary Hawkins went with her daughter Emily to collect her GCSE results. Emily was predicted As and A*s in all of her subjects and revised for two hours a night in the weeks before her exams.

She was rewarded for her efforts with an impressive 10 A*s.

Mrs Hawkins is rightfully extremely proud of her daughter, but instead of going home to celebrate, she decided to stay at the school for the day so that she could ask other parents how their child had done.

We caught up with Emily and her proud mum Rosemary.

SA: “Congratulations Emily, well done, 10 A*s is incredible. You must be very proud of her Rosemary?”

Rosemary: “Well yes of course, she worked so hard and she’s done brillia… Oh hold on, I just want to catch Gloria before she leaves, and find out how Matthew has done.”

Mrs Hawkins then darted across the hall to corner Matthew’s mum, who appeared to have a false smile painted on and spoke through gritted teeth.

As suddenly as she was gone, Mrs Hawkins re-appeared to tell Emily Matthew had not quite got the results he had hoped for, with 2 As, 7Bs and a C.

“I told Gloria that they were good results and Matthew should be very proud of himself. Then I told her about Emily’s results, and she said to congratulate her, but she had to dash.”

Mrs Hawkins was interrupted by Emily who said she wanted to go home because her feet were aching and she was bored.

However, Mrs Hawkins insisted they stay for a little longer because she wanted to ‘bump into’ a few more parents to compare their kids’ exam results.


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