Neighbours hiding from ‘apple lady’ pestering them to ‘take a bagful’


A suburban woman has been seen wandering up and down the high street attempting to offload bags of apples on to anyone who will take them.

Evelyn Cooper warns they need to be made into a pie or crumble ‘soon or they will go bad’.

Mrs Cooper is the proud owner of six apple trees in her back garden which have an annual yield of well over a hundred apples.

She has no room left in her freezer at home, having spent the past two weeks baking and is now desperate to find a willing recipient for the rest of her apples before they go to waste.

Mrs Cooper told us: “I left a bag with the butchers when I got my leg of lamb, and the man there seemed very pleased. I also left Sandra a bagful when she did my hair and the young girl who works there said she likes apples so I brought another bag for her later but they had closed early.

“I’ve still got three bagfuls in the back porch and they won’t keep for much longer.

“The man who came to read the gas meter said he didn’t want any – even though I told him they were great for cooking with.

“I have already given my neighbours both sides a bagful each, although neither of them have mentioned anything about what they made with them, and Sheila at work has had a bag off me.”

Mrs Cooper then spotted an old colleague of her husband’s across the street and set off in pursuit but only after she had shoved a bagful of apples into our reporter’s chest and told him to “cook them or freeze them within a day or two or they’ll go bad”.

Meanwhile refuse collectors have complained that there have been a large number of apples found in the bins of the homes on Mrs Cooper’s street.


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