New app will ‘attend your child’s school play so you don’t have to’


A new app has been launched that will allow parents to see their child perform in the school play without having to sit through the entire production.

The app, called Treasured Memories, records the school play in full, and alerts parents shortly before their child makes his or her brief appearance. The footage of the play is then live streamed to the parent’s mobile device.

Creator Gloria McLoughlin said: “Our research showed that on average each child will only be performing in their school plays for six minutes. The average show length is 70 minutes.

“Treasured Memories allows parents to take back some of that time to get on with their lives, rather than sitting in a smelly, cramped school hall bored brainless watching a bunch of kids they don’t even know.”

Parents can view their child’s performance on their mobile or desktop computer, and can even send positive feedback in the form of a thumbs up, smiley face, or heart.

One family that are among the first to put the app to use are the Bishops from Wolverhampton.

Robert Bishop explained: “My daughter’s school play unfortunately landed on a Thursday, the same night as our football team’s trophy presentation night, and the wife always goes to bingo with her mam on Thursdays.

“Of course we didn’t want to miss Emily’s play so this app meant that everyone was happy. I was sat having a few pints with the lads when my phone beeps and all of a sudden little Emily is there on my screen all dressed up.

“She really is adorable, I’m so proud of her!”

Seven-year-old Emily, who played one of the busy bumble bees, said: “My daddy sent me a smile!”

Emily’s mother Karen was also full of praise for Treasured Memories. She said: “I didn’t get to see Emily live because I was waiting on just one more number in game two. And I got it! I’ve just won £200! Thank you Treasured Memories!

“Me and my mam watched the recording afterwards on my phone. I sent Emily a heart and her gran sent a smiley.”

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