Nigel Farage lined up as new loud-mouthed presenter of Top Gear


Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is being lined up to provide Top Gear with the kind of non PC, know it all boorish, jingoistic claptrap it’s been missing since the departure of Jeremy Clarkson.

The revelation follows the resignation of Chris ‘Shouty McShoutface’ Evans who announced on Twitter that he’d give then show his best shot but sometimes that wasn’t enough.

Top Gear viewers hardly had time to remove their earplugs following Evans’ departure before they heard that the BBC had approached Farage to take over.

A BBC insider said: “Top Gear’s success was based on boyish banter with Clarkson making fun of Johnny Foreigner…and although Chris tried hard to match that, he just didn’t have it in him…he’s far too PC for our liking.

“Well, no problem in that department with Nigel. He’s happy to throw in jingoistic, racist remarks and just like Clarkson he just blurts out any old garbage without thinking…

“So fasten your seatbelts for a barrage of mindless abuse about the Germans, French, Japanese, Americans and anyone with darker complexions. It means we’ll have to issue apologies now and then but it goes with the territory and in any case, it just gets the show more publicity.”

Once Farage is confirmed, the BBC will turn try to find a replacement for the bland Matt Le Blanc…someone who can recreate the old style Top Gear schoolboy humour.

Chubby Brown is among the early front runners.

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