Panicked family struggle to reply to Christmas card from ‘John and family’


A middle-aged couple are in a state of panic after they received a Christmas card through the post from ‘John and family’ and have no idea which John they need to reply to.

Philip and Michelle Corrigan received the festive message through the post this morning.

It read: “Dear Philip and Michelle, Have a great Christmas! Wishing you both a happy holiday! Lots of love, John and family.”

The Corrigans were immediately unsettled as they realised they didn’t actually know who John was.

Mr Corrigan explained: “The poor wife got herself a bit worked up when she realised we might not be able to send our own Christmas card in reply. ‘What will they think of us?’ she kept saying.”

After searching through their address books, mobile phones and email contacts, the couple have still been unable to identify the mystery John.

Mrs Corrigan revealed: “I know Philip once worked with a John but we haven’t heard from him for years. And then there’s John and Barbara who live at number 43, but wouldn’t they sign it John and Barbara? There is also our butcher, he’s called Johnny, does that count?”

The couple are currently panic writing and sending Christmas cards to every John they have ever met in the hope that they can return the well wishes and avoid being seen as ‘a bit rude’.


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