Man ready for Pokémon GO after finally completing Euro 96 sticker album


A 29-year-old man has set his sights on completing the Pokémon GO game, twenty years after he began his first collection of the Euro 96 sticker album.

Simon Peake, of Nottingham, finally completed his Panini sticker album on Monday when he got his hands on the one player that had eluded him for the past four years.

Peake told us: “I just started collecting stickers because everyone else in the playground was doing it. Next thing you know I was hooked. The players looked so proud and dignified stuck precisely inside the lines. I couldn’t stop until I had completed it.

“I totally missed out on the POGs and Crazy Bones trends because I wanted to remain focused and only concentrate on one collection at a time.

“At one point I had so many swaps my mum’s spareroom looked like the Panini warehouse. She said it’s about time I moved out and took them all with me.

“But one player always eluded me; Alen Bokšić. Now, after years trawling the internet I have finally found him and I stuck him in place Monday night. I had to pay two and a half grand but it was worth it. I must admit I got a little bit emotional.

“To celebrate I tried calling Kirsty Heath from school to see if she still wanted to go out for a McDonalds with me, but her number didn’t work anymore.

“I looked her up on the Facebook and it turns out she’s married with two kids!

“Never mind, I’m turning my attention to this Pokémon GO game now, I’m heading down the newsagents in a minute to buy my first pack.”


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