Schoolkids nervously wait the results of term-time holiday debate


Children across the country will be ditching their Xboxs, PlayStations and iPads this evening to tune into the news and find out if they will be allowed to take a week off school next year to go to Majorca.

Today, MPs are discussing whether or not they should amend the law to allow parents to take their kids out of school for family holidays during term time.

The news has spread across playgrounds up and down the land, resulting in thousands of kids taking their first ever interest in politics.

One seven-year-old boy from Leeds said: “The idea that we can get another week off school to go to the beach has got everyone’s attention.

“I managed to keep hold of my lunch money this morning, because the school bully had his face in his phone reading the Sky News App to see if there were any updates.”

Teachers are also keenly awaiting the result of today’s discussions, as many are worried that their pupils are underperforming because they can’t concentrate.

Emma Kennedy teaches five and six-year-olds at Walcott Primary School in Leicester. She said: “It’s a joke, none of them can concentrate at all and they’ve all gone politics mad.

“I’ve got fights breaking out in the reading corner about whether or not Brexit will have a positive impact on the economy, and I’m being asked what I think about Theresa May’s credentials when it comes to triggering Article 50.

“I can’t wait ‘til this is over and we can go back to doing finger painting and decorating the feelings wall!”

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