Sci-fi geek and sports nut endure awkward silence when girlfriends leave them together


A sci-fi enthusiast and a sports fan suffered the longest and most awkward silence of the year so far when their girlfriends went to the toilet together and left them alone in a pub.

Mark Ascot and Rob Illingsworth had not met before and were out on a double date with their girlfriends Maria Cole and Becky Storey.

Mr Ascot explained: “I’d met Becky a couple of times and she’s a lovely girl but I had never met Rob.

“We were all getting along great. We had a few drinks and ordered some food when the girls went off to the bathroom together.

“With the girls gone, I asked Rob what he thought of the latest Star Wars movie, but he said he didn’t really like sci-fi.”

Mr Illingsworth added: “No, I never got into all that space and aliens stuff. I didn’t want to appear rude though so I asked Mark what team he supports and if he had seen the game last night, but he doesn’t like sport.”

The two men then awkwardly smiled at each other while they tried to think of something else to say before resorting to looking at their phones until the women returned.

The uncomfortable silence was extended when the women got into a long and meaningful conversation in the toilets.

The two men thankfully found some common ground as they discovered their shared love of cheese and beans on a baked potato.

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