The Sun to target redheads as the root of all evil


The Sun has decided to make red haired people its next scapegoat to feed to the nation as the cause of all problems in the UK.

The tabloid paper had become concerned that Brexit would make it more difficult for it to tell the country that immigrants were to blame for everything, and was on the lookout for another demographic to make its unfounded accusations against.

After careful consideration, it has decided that redheads are perfect to take the place of immigrants as the second worst group of people known to man, behind Muslims of course.

It is understood that it was a close run thing between redheads and the unemployed, but the balance was tipped after news broke that there is a red haired gene that puts people more at risk of getting skin cancer.

The Sun realised that revelation immediately explained the pressure the NHS is being put under in this country.

The gingers are draining its resources with their weak skin. And worse still, they are going out and spreading this ‘gene’ into our societies, with as many as one in four people now believed to be a carrier.

Unfortunately for redheads, they can expect to now be abused and insulted in the streets by Sun reading morons in a similar way to which many would have been subjected to by school bullies during their youth.

The Sun is also considering applying pressure on the newly formed government for a referendum on whether or not red haired people should be allowed free healthcare from the NHS.

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