Teenage boy ostracised by peers after having actual conversation with adult


A teenage boy has been shunned by his friends after he took part in a full conversation with an adult without any ulterior motive.

The boy, who for legal reasons cannot be named, was out with a group of friends when the grownup person approached them and asked for directions.

To the surprise of his peers, the boy spoke in full sentences and helpfully advised the stranger. He even replied ‘no problem’ when thanked for his help.

The boy said: “This poor man seemed very concerned as he had an appointment and didn’t want to be late. He was not familiar with the area so I thought I should help him as best I could.”

The boy’s friends immediately labelled him a ‘weirdo’ and removed him from their social circle.

His isolation was complete when he pulled up his trousers so far that they actually covered his arse – just like a normal person.

The boy now spends his spare time with his girlfriend, concentrating on his studies and planning for university.

The group that had formally called the boy one of their own refused to comment, but one member posted on social media: “He’s well gay innit!”

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