Truth fighting for its life after attacks by thugs from Brexit and Remain


Truth is being treated in intensive care after being brutally attacked by all sides in the EU Referendum debate.

It’s said to be so badly beaten that it may die at any minute, leaving Britain at the mercy of two power hungry gangs known as Remain and Brexit.

The two sides are led by former partners in crime, Dithering Dave Cameron and Bumbling Boris Johnson. They used to be allies but are now fighting a turf war and will spout any old shite to get their way.

They’re backed by ruthless hitmen like George ‘blood from a stone’ Osborne and Nigel ‘migrant mauler’ Farage.

The two sides have been waging sustained attacks on truth because it got in the way of their push for power as they entered into the fact free zone of political campaigning.

Battle hardened political commentators have winced at the ferocity of the attacks with both sides using weapons such as spin, exaggeration, distortion, scaremongering, threats, hysteria and downright lies.

One veteran reporter said: “I’ve been in many political war zones with masters of spin like Thatcher and Blair but never witnessed such shameless lying…they don’t even care when they’re caught out. They just carry on and tell bigger lies.

One horrified onlooker said. “It’s like all wars…the innocent become the victims. Truth never hurt anyone but liars, yet it’s being ground into the dirt while the liars continue to thrive.

“RIP Truth…Britain will never be the same again whoever wins.”

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