Wenger: I promise to be more stubborn


Arsène Wenger has issued a statement assuring Arsenal fans that he has figured out what has been going wrong at the club and is the perfect man to put things right.

However, it’s not all good news for Gunners fans. Wenger believes that the problem is that he has been not been stubborn enough.

He says he was far too swayed by outside influences – such as the fans and the media – to be able to run the club as best he can.

He cited the signing of Petr Cech as being symbolic of the problems that had caused the club to fail.

Wenger said: “For years they told me I needed a world class goalkeeper. Then we would win the league.

“When I finally caved and brought in Cech and they said he would be worth an extra 10 points. However, as we have seen despite reaching second place for the first time in a decade, we have won fewer points with Cech.

“If he really was worth an extra ten points we would have got more four more than Leicester and won the title. I knew all along it was wrong to sign a readymade star.”

However, Gunners fans will be pleased to know that the Frenchman is looking to open his chequebook this summer.

Insiders have said that Luton town’s £18.5m rated Darius Young is Wenger’s top transfer target.

The fourteen-year-old right back is tipped for big things in the years to come. The signing is likely to be funded by the sale of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City.

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