Australian wildlife insist on being top paid stars on I’m A Celebrity


The new series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is under threat after ITV bosses are embroiled in a pay dispute with the Australian wildlife.

The issue first emerged during the last series when the animals realised that they were as famous as many of the ‘celebrities’ appearing on the show.

The animals were forced to honour their commitments but have since signed for a top London talent agency and are demanding they are the top earning performers in the show this year.

It is a completely unexpected twist and is proving a problem for ITV executives as they try and balance the books.

An animal spokesperson said: “For more than a decade we have been degraded and humiliated by being fed to, thrown at, and dropped on these so called celebrities.”

“But when we last checked, the mealworm is more recognisable to the public than some chump out of Made in Chelsea.

“Most people would also prefer to go for a pint with a jungle rat than a retired journeyman footballer.

“We demand parity with the top earning contestants, or ITV can look elsewhere for their ‘nasties’ for the Bushtucker Trials.”

The shift in power is a concern for I’m A Celebrity executives as they realise that the animals have a point.

Bosses are considering giving Jim Davidson a TV lifeline. It is thought he would jump at the chance to take the place of the animals and ten minutes in his company would make a for a truly disgusting Bushtucker trial.

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