Women injuring themselves in remote places so Prince William can rescue them


Prince William has had to cut back on his work as an air ambulance pilot because royalty loving young women have been deliberately injuring themselves in remote places in the hope that he’ll come to rescue them.

The Prince took up the role to do something useful for society after leaving the army.

Unfortunately, his good intentions may have backfired because of the actions of some unscrupulous women.

Without any official royal celebrations having taken place since the Queen’s 90th birthday, several middle class fruitcakes are resorting to desperate measures to catch a sight of a member of the royal family.

Many scantily clad girls have been found covered in fake blood and painted on bruises and at the bottom of cliffs where road ambulances can’t reach. Others have suddenly developed ‘exhaustion’ while swimming in remote areas of the Norfolk Broads, armed only with a Union Jack bikini and, of course, a mobile phone to call for the air ambulance.

A Palace spokesman commented: “Wills was terribly disappointed to have to scale back his hours but what could he do…these young women are putting themselves at risk by their actions.

It’s understood that the Prince’s decision to become more of a house husband was also influenced by his wife. It appears that Kate took a dim view of attractive young women flaunting themselves at her man. By having him back at home she can keep an eye on him and make sure there are no shenanigans going on…even if he does annoy her by getting under her feet all day as she does the hoovering.

The Royal connection with the ambulance service could now be strengthened further, however. Once Prince Harry discovered that women were involved, he said he might add air ambulance man to his list of Royal duties.

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