Workers begging to be insulted by their boss after Eva offered £1.2m by Chelsea


Workers across the UK are desperate for their bosses to insult them after hearing that Eva Carneiro was offered £1.2m following her spat with former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

Carneiro fell out with the Special One when she was found guilty of doing her job and going on the pitch to help injured player Eden Hazard. Under football’s bizarre rules, Hazard then had to leave the pitch.

This infuriated Mourinho because it left him with only nine players to park the Chelsea bus and ensure a boring game in his usual style.

His criticism of Carneiro won her public sympathy across the country and she later resigned claiming constructive dismissal.

However, much of that sympathy evaporated after it was revealed at her employment tribunal that she turned down a £1.2m settlement offer from Chelsea. She insists she should get more.

Building worker Eddie Harper from Newcastle said: “I felt sorry for her at first but ffs, my boss screams abuse at me all day and he wouldn’t give you the steam off his piss never mind a million. If she thinks Mourinho is tough, she should see the hairy arsed bastard I work for.”

NHS doctors have suggested that working for Mourinho is child’s play compared to having to deal with Jeremy Hunt and invited her to spend a night with them in A&E if she wants to know what real pressure is like.

Meanwhile, medical staff at Mourinho’s new club Manchester United are considering ways to go on the pitch themselves if it could lead to them being offered £1.2m.

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