Listen up elitist doctors… obesity is the will of the people. Deal with it!

Bulldog ron says obesity is the Will of the People

Switched on the telly last night after a hard day’s graft and the first thing comes on is some posh sounding doctor droning on about how people drink too much, eat too much…don’t do enough exercise…blah, blah, blah…

Nearly threw my burger at the telly, I was so angry…nearly dropped my Carling as well but just managed to hold on as the wife gave me a dirty look as a few drops hit the carpet.

Who do these elitist medics and scientists think they are? They’re not in charge of us. We don’t work for them; they work for us and they better start acting like it.

I’m sick of these do-gooders always telling us to lose weight or we’ll die before our time. It’s just Project Fear all over again.

They think they’re so clever but they’re not.

I’ll spell it out so listen you cloth ears: Most people in this country are overweight right? So, it’s like the country had a referendum and they’ve voted with their bellies, right? So therefore, being overweight is the will of the people and the will of the people cannot be wrong.

Therefore, these doctors should obey the will of the people and get off their backsides and develop some medicine to make us feel better after we’ve overeaten.

And answer me this you elitist do gooders…if being overweight is bad for us, how come we’re all living so long? Having food rationed in the forties and fifties didn’t make for a long and happy life did it? People were dying like flies and no bloody wonder…they were so bloody hungry, life wasn’t worth living

And I tell you what…what this is really all about. Doctors want us to do their jobs for them. They think we’re a nuisance…ordinary working people coming in cluttering up their nice hospitals and upsetting their rotas and their money-making. They want to carry on taking their big fat salaries without having to bother curing people.

I mean, they said 10% of the health budget was spent on treating diabetes…£15 billion pounds that could be saved treating a disease that wouldn’t exist if people would only stop eating too much. It sounds good doesn’t it until you think about it.

First, what do they mean by saved? Those doctors don’t pitch in the £15 billion out of their own pockets. No, it comes from us in our taxes. And if we provide the money, we’re entitled to get the benefit.

Second, suppose the doctors did save all that money, would they give it back to us? Like hell, they would. They’d just use it to pay themselves higher wages.

Well, they can’t have it both ways. I mean, suppose we did all lead such clean lives that we never had to see a doctor…what would happen then? We wouldn’t need so many doctors would we? Just a few for accidents and emergencies. Thousands of doctors would be out of work…and the ones that kept their jobs would have to take lower wages because, supply and demand, there’d be loads competing for the same jobs…

See, these doctors think they’re so smart but they haven’t thought it through. If we don’t get sick, they don’t get paid. I tell you, there’s nothing so stupid as clever people when it comes to business.

So instead of lecturing us, I would respectfully suggest these medics and scientists with letters after their name should get busy making medicines to help us after we’ve over-indulged instead of expecting us to live like bloody monks so they don’t have to bother to cure us.

And I tell you something else, if those snobs ever did any proper graft like I do, they wouldn’t need to keep banging on about the need to do more exercise. I’m not like them. I don’t need to jump in my Mercedes after work, drive 20 minutes to a gym to spend 20 minutes on a running machine. How dumb is that? I get my exercise grafting at work.

There’s nothing wrong with a working man like me having a few luxuries…a few beers, fags and proper food. There’s no such thing as a bad lifestyle; only bad doctors who can’t deal with it.


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