Millions of Brits are preparing to get into the Olympic spirit even though they haven’t got a clue about what’s going on most of the time.

The opening ceremony takes place in Rio on Friday, and the public is patiently waiting for its chance to say how it was sh*t compared to the inspired Danny Boyle re-enactment of British history.

Brits prepare to cheer Olympic athletes they’ve never heard of in sports they don’t understand

Once that feeling of smug superiority is firmly in place, the nation will divide its energies equally between cheering on Team GB and trying to work out exactly what makes a good gymnastics bars routine.

The eve of the Olympics comes exactly four years on from Super Saturday, when Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford claimed a gold medal each in just 45 minutes.

The reminder of those glorious victories have Brits inspired with Olympic fever once again, and the country is now ready to get passionate about sports they barely understand and don’t even like.

Adrian Cole from Huddersfield explained: “There’s nothing like the Olympics to get the patriotic nerves tingling. Of course I like the classic events; running, jumping and throwing, but me and the wife like watching the weird sports and trying to guess what scores the judges will give.”

“We don’t usually do that well, though, I mean how can you tell if a horse has danced about properly or not? Or if one flawless triple pike is better than a perfect double somersault tuck? After a while, we usually end up switching over to see what’s on Dave.”

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