Jeremy Corbyn to present fashion show with Gok Wan


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to defy his party’s disapproval of MPs having a second job and start presenting a fashion show with style guru Gok Wan.

It’s seen by many as a natural progression for Corbyn who is well known for his innovative sartorial choices.

Gok Wan says he has long been a fan of politician’s dress code. “Three things strike me about Jeremy’s fashion sense: courage, courage, courage!

“Who else could get away with such open defiance of all the laws of style and good taste and still look… unbelievable?

“He looks as though he gets dressed in the dark and just throws on the first things he finds but you know what, it so works. I can’t wait to meet him. I just know I will learn so much and totally expand my horizons!

Corbyn said he was looking forward to passing on fashion tips and felt he could win a new army of fans among his Tory opponents, who put more of a premium on style than his Labour colleagues.

“The secret of looking stylish is not to give a f…about it! Don’t overthink it. I just put on the first things just come to hand…it’s intuitive…a natural gift I suppose.”

The new show, called Socialist Chic, will be shown on BBC 2, although Sky, Netflix ITV are all considering a late bid to buy the rights.


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