Big Sam’s England diaries – August 5th

Big Sam's England Diaries

A pleasing development today as a superstar from yesteryear has declared that he wants to join the good ship Allardyce.

Rio Ferdinand never issued a come and get me plea when his United career ended, even though he could have come back to West Ham.

Instead he joined Harry at QPR and took them down – is that the sort of decision making I want in my camp?

Well he didn’t want me then but now the tables have turned – and I have to admit he could be a good face to have around the squad – I like my defenders ugly.

If Rio can get John Stones to cut the crap and defend when he needs to then I won’t even mind him passing the ball out of defence, I’m not a philistine – and it should go down well with the press and the fans.

It would be a great for Rio. To think after all those years under Fergie, he could then learn from Allardyce as well before going into his first job as a number one – what an opportunity!

If Rio does join the team he will be working alongside Craig Shakespeare. Shakespeare is a Premier League title winning coach but more importantly I believe that the gravitas of his surname will start to rub off on me.

It will help me finally get the respect I deserve as an intellectual thinker from the press. Although knowing this country they will probably prefer to remove Shakespeare from the school curriculum in favour of some foreigner like Dante or Victor Hugo.

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