A couple’s relationship was thrown in doubt today after a man was left feeling well miffed because his partner barely noticed that he’d done a bit of housework. It meant she failed to shower him with praise and gratitude for his efforts.

“Well, if that’s all the thanks I get, I won’t bother again,” said Tony Murphy from Dublin, deliberately not using a coaster for his coffee as it was obvious his efforts wouldn’t be appreciated.Man upset that he didn’t get huge praise for doing tiny bit of housework

It appears the issue arose after Tony’s partner, Sue, moaned about having to do all the housework and suggesting that it would be a great help if he chipped in a bit more. “I’m a new man and all for women’s rights,” said Tony. “I was quite happy to do my share so next time I had a coffee I rinsed out my cup and put it on the drainer. Sue didn’t even notice!

“Then, I emptied the wastepaper bin…not a murmur from Sue.

“I moved up a gear and emptied the dishwasher… still nothing…in fact, she even moaned at me for putting the plates in the wrong cupboard!

Tony has now entered into semi-sulk mood and returned to his usual of state of sprawling out on the settee watching the football. He said: “I’ll still do my share…you know like, I’ll still help with things like lifting my feet up when she’s hoovering…but I’m not going out of my way anymore if she can’t show any appreciation.”

Sue said she couldn’t be bothered to humour him anymore. “He’s impossible. If he closes a cupboard door he thinks he deserves a medal. He’ll come round eventually, when he can’t find any more beer in the fridge.”

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