Man feeling deflated after charity shop doesn’t appreciate his donations

Man carries heavy boxes to charity shop

A man was left feeling deflated and neglected after staff at a charity shop failed to show any gratitude for some the much-loved old stuff he donated.

Peter Smethers said he’d brought in some really ‘top stuff’ after a bit of a clear out at his home in Mansfield

“I’d collected some bits and pieces that I no longer use or have upgraded and thought they’d be really pleased, but when I entered the shop, no one seemed interested. I thought they would at least tell me how helpful I was and how much they appreciated my efforts but no, nothing. An elderly woman with dull hair, flat shoes and wire frame glasses didn’t even bother to look up and just said, ‘thanks, just leave it in the corner’. It was like I barely existed to her.

“I was a bit put out to say the least. I’d gone to a lot of trouble for them and even had to park on yellow lines but they didn’t seem to care.

Coffee maker, iphone, Ted Baker, Tom Ford

“I pointed out that there were several valuable items, like a virtually unused coffee maker but the woman just said they don’t electrical goods. She took the Tom Ford aftershave (unwanted gift as it’s not my favourite) but then put it on a table behind her. I half suspected she was going to take it back for herself.

“She seemed to like the Ted Baker shirts, so I was pleased about that, but then the spoilt it by hanging them next to some Primark stuff. I really liked those shirts. Met a really hot girl when I was wearing the blue one a few years ago.

“But they rejected my old iphone 8 (no electrical again) and the office swivel chair with adjustable height (no one interested in office equipment apparently).

“That was it, I had to struggle back to the car carrying the coffee machine and the swivel chair plus other rejected items that I’d gone out of my way to bring. And, of course, it had to be didn’t it? When I got back to my car I’d got a ticket for parking on yellow lines. Sometimes it seems that the more you try to help people, the more you get put down.”

It’s not the first time that Mr Smethers has felt let down while trying to do the right thing. He said: “A similar thing happened when I brought some fresh fruit and veg to the local food bank. They just frowned and said they don’t take perishable foodstuffs…then turned to some chap with a cardboard box full on tins. They were all smiles for him. I felt a right fool.

I had to take it all home then threw it away a week later because there was too much to eat before the sell-by date.”

“Next time I have a clear out on my old stuff, I might put it on Ebay or Gumtree instead.”


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