Only 2 men can save us now!

Fans demand Marty McFly and Doc Brown come out of retirement

An online petition has been created to demand that Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown come out of retirement to do what they do best and save the world from the huge mess it finds itself in.

The time travelling duo spent much of the 1980s (or should that be 1950s? 2015?) flying back and forth through the space time continuum saving the world from various travesties, and now they are needed to work their magic once again.

Fans demand Marty McFly and Doc Brown come out of retirement

Film enthusiast and concerned member of the human race Nathan Blackwood said: “There’s only two people who can save us now. We all know that in Back to the Future II Marty travelled to 2015 to stop his son turning into a loser – well whatever he did, he must have changed the course of the future because 2016 has been a disaster.

“We need him to go back and put right whatever changes he made, so that we can start this year all over again. Things were ticking along fairly well until the end of 2015.”

The year 2016 has been widely slammed by critics, with a long series of tragic and unfortunate events taking place including countless much-loved celebrities passing away, continued terror attacks, and political catastrophes such as Brexit and Donald Trump becoming US president.

Blackwood added: “Please Marty, Doc Brown – let us just start this year all over again.”


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