Piers Morgan urged to seek counselling over his obsession with Arsene Wenger

Piers Morgan urged to seek counselling over his obsession with Arsene Wenger. Photo copyright iDominick CC2 and Wonker CC2

It’s feared TV presenter Piers Morgan may need professional counselling to cure his obsession with the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

For several years now Morgan has been testing the patience of his otherwise loyal Twitter followers with constant attacks on the Frenchman.

Wenger has been criticised for not winning enough trophies but his main failing is that he refuses to do what Morgan tells him.

Morgan has never had any involvement in the running of a professional football club but such is his innate brilliance that he knows better than Wenger how it should be done.

Nevertheless, Wenger has ignored his advice about players like Giroud and Ramsey being rubbish and continues to pick them.

The refusal to take this advice means Arsenal under Wenger have only won three PL titles, five FA cups, built a state of the art £500m stadium and qualified for the Champions League for 18 consecutive years.

Understandably, this dismal failure has driven Morgan into a frenzy of vitriol as he bombards his Twitter followers with demands for Wenger’s resignation and preferably execution.

Unfortunately, the Arsenal board have also failed to recognise Morgan’s footballing brilliance and so they too have ignored his advice.

This has infuriated Morgan even more and now his friends are getting worried about him.

One insider said: “Piers has changed. He used to be more rounded know-it-all who slagged off everybody left, right and centre…now he just obsessed about you know who…we daren’t mention his name or Piers will start ranting again.

“I’m worried. He needs medical help, but what can we do? Piers suffers from Alpha Male Syndrome. He thinks he knows everything about everything so no one can tell him anything!”


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