Brexit pin up stars Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have been struck by lightning after Margaret Thatcher started spinning in her grave causing huge earth tremors across Britain.

It’s thought the Iron Lady is upset at the decision of the Bank of England to devalue the pound by printing gazillions of pounds to avoid economic Armageddon after leaving the EU.

Lady T hated the EU but insisted that the country should run its economy like a housewife running the family budget: don’t spend money you haven’t got and don’t print it like you’re in Toy Town.

Margaret Thatcher in hell

The earth tremors shook Westminster after Thatcher’s secret love children George Osborne, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage made their daily visit to pay homage at her grave. It’s thought Osborne escaped punishment after an impressive display of grovelling.

“I’m sorry mummy. I did my best. I screwed the working class for six years with austerity and would have balanced the books but Brexit came along and bollocksed everything up. It’s all Boris and Nigel’s fault.”

Foolishly, Farage and Johnson decided to tough it out and justify themselves but were instantly struck by lightning and engulfed in flames as a Thatcher like voice boomed: “Thus die all who fail me.”

Following the attack, the government has ordered that leading Conservatives like David Cameron and Michael Gove should be put under police protection. However, a spokesman for the Met said that wasn’t possible. “Budget cuts mean I have no officers to spare so, sod ‘em. We may have shiny new guns but we’re not taking on Lady T.”

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