Leafy suburb Remainers say: ‘but there are no migrants in my area’


Many Remain supporters say they’re bewildered by all the fuss over immigrants because they’ve never come across any, apart from those hard working chaps at the car wash… and apparently there are some who pick potatoes and such like.

One car company executive said: “There are none in my village and I didn’t see any when I visited a friend of mine in Knightsbridge either. So that’s both town and country covered.

“Nor have any Eastern Europeans ever taken my job or driven down my wages so really, what’s the problem? I think the whole thing is just Brexit scaremongering.

Foreign languages teacher Gloria Manford admitted she had come across some immigrants but insisted that said they made a real contribution to the country “The staff at my mother’s care home are mostly European and they do a great job. If it weren’t for them, I’d have to look after my mother myself.”

Banker David Morecambe said he had come across one or two immigrants in the course of his work but certainly didn’t feel the country was being swamped.

“The thing to remember is that a few immigrants coming is a good thing because it reinvigorates our society. I’ve come across a migrant family who’ve greatly contributed to the local area by setting up a Polish restaurant.

“Now I admit the food doesn’t look very appetising so I won’t be going but the point is that it’s there and gives people more choice… more diversity, and that’s a good thing.”

George Peters also feels the numbers of immigrants has been greatly exaggerated and now fears that Brexit ‘scaremongering’ could scupper his dream of retiring to Spain with his wife Melanie. “This country’s going down the pan. I’m voting In so I can get Out as soon as possible. Costa Brava here I come… and keep sending me my pension.”

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